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The Snap On Smile ® - Everything you need to know!

Several years ago, we brought you information about a cutting edge product known as "snap on teeth" or "snap on dental veneers" - an exciting new dental appliance that could dramatically enhance the appearance of your smile in just seconds!   Fast forward and enter the Snap On Smile - invented by a NYC dentist and produced by the folks who make the popular Lumineers® dental veneers.

Is the Snap on Smile for you?  What does it cost?  How does it work?  Is it really the next great thing for that movie star smile?

 Is it Right for You?      Cost      Pros and Cons      Use, Care, Ordering       Ratings

What Is it?

The Snap On Smile is a removable dental appliance (that's what dentist-talk - sounds much more professional than "gadget" or "thingamabob") which attaches to your own teeth. Technically,it's a cosmetic, removable partial denture, but "dentures" is such an ugly word - rest assured, these are a far cry from your grandpa's false choppers!

This product is a lightweight device which is professionally fitted to attach to your natural teeth.It is made of Duracetal ™ - a non-toxic polymer which is not known to trigger any allergic reactions. The material is thin - only about 0.5 mm thick.

Like a contact lens, once you get used to it you will hardly know it's there. You can eat and drink while wearing it, though it's recommended that you remove it while sleeping.

What Problems Does It Correct?

The Snap On Smile doesn't actually FIX any dental problems or permanently make over your smile.  It is a unique, temporary cosmetic device that instantly improves the appearance of your teeth.

Dental problems that this appliance is able to conceal include:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Badly stained or discolored teeth
  • Teeth that are worn down (i.e. from grinding your teeth)
  • Missing teeth ( it's a lifesaver if you're not a candidate for implants!)
  • "Loss of facial height" due to worn or missing teeth
  • Appearance of a "gummy" smile

Although primarily an aesthetic enhancement, the appliance has some clinical applications, including the "periodontal splinting" of loose teeth.

Is the Snap On Smile right for me?

Do you want a better smile without the time, expense or invasive procedures of a traditional dental makeover? Re moveable dental veneers like the Snap On Smile are popular for weddings, reunions, job interviews, and other special occasions where you want to be sure that you look your very best!

It may also be a good choice if you:

  • Want to "try on" the look of a perfect smile before committing to more expensive, permanent work.
  • Are not a candidate for restorative work or dental implants due to medical reasons
  • Are in the process of getting implants but want to hide that unsightly gap in your smile asap!

The Snap On Smile may NOT be for you if you have:

  • Protruding front teeth - because of the way it's worn, the device is unable to conceal "buck" teeth.
  • Severe periodontal disease
  • Insufficient natural dentition upon which to attach the appliance.

So How Much Does this "Snap On Smile" Cost?

Pricing will vary from dentist to dentist, but generally the Snap On Smile will run you around $1,200 per arch (top or bottom teeth.), $2,400 for both. ) A quadrant (for example, upper right or lower left) might be used in special situations - your dentist will advise.

Financing and payment plans may be available - ask when you make your appointment.

Advantages of the Snap On Smile

  • Far less expensive, invasive, or time consuming than orthodontic procedures, dental implants or permanent veneers.
  • The Snap On Smile is completely reversible - no need to prepare or alter your existing teeth.
  • Absolutely no pain, no drilling, no nasty injections!
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear - doesn't pinch your gums or cover the roof of your mouth.
  • You can eat and drink with it in.
  • Can protect teeth from further damage in patients who grind their teeth (bruxism).


  • The Snap On Smile is temporary - it won't magically fix broken or missing teeth or straighten your teeth.
  • You do have to remove it when you sleep.
  • The device can break if you don't handle it properly, especially while inserting and removing it..
  • You need to use special cleaning and anti-bacterial solutions - commercial toothpastes and denture cleaners are too abrasive and can cause damage.

How Do I Use and Care for the Snap On Smile?

Like the name implies, to wear this device you simply "snap it on" to your teeth! Using both hands and starting at the back, gently press until it snaps into place. To remove, again use both hands, start at the back, and gently rock the device from side to side and away from your teeth. To avoid damaging the device, never pull or twist and always use both hands.

To clean your Snap on Smile, simply soak it in the cleaning solution for 15 minutes. You can remove debris with a soft brush.. You should put a drop of antibiotic solution into each tooth "pocket" whenever you put it in.

Can I Order It Online?

No - the Snap on Smile must be fitted by a dental professional. You can contact a participating dentist directly or call the company for a referral.

Getting your sparkling new smile takes about 3 weeks and two dental visits. On the first visit, your dentist will make sure you are a good candidate for the product and take an impression of your teeth to send to the lab. The second visit will be 2-3 weeks later, and involves minor adjustments and showing you how to insert, remove and clean the appliance.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes - your perfect new removable smile comes with a 1 year warrantee on materials and workmanship. It does not however cover things like damage due to improper insertion, abuse, dental hygiene or failure to follow care instructions.

You can purchase a "no fault" extended warrantee to cover your device for up to 3 years. You can choose this option within 30 days of getting your new "smile".

With proper care, your new Snap On Smile should last a good 3-5 years!

Are you wearing a Snap on Smile? Rate it!