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Press On Veneers - Cosmetic Dentistry Gone DIY?

Temporary dental veneers, like the Snap On Smile®, have become quite popular for those who want a quick, pain-free and temporary route to a perfect smile. Lately, there's been a lot of buzz about a new product from the folks at Brighter Image dental lab. Press On Veneers are "do it yourself" snap on veneers, which you order online. That's right - no trip to the dentist, you order them straight from the lab.

Teeth whitening was once a cosmetic process done only in the dentist's office. Over the years many inexpensive "in home" products became available and deliver satistactory results. But can dental veneers really make a similar transition? Let's take a look!

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What Is it?

Press on Veneers are a temporary, removable dental device which give you the appearance of a perfect smile. It does not correct or address underlying dental problems, but can be a quick, relatively inexpensive fix when you need to look your best, such as for a wedding, graduation or job interview. Some people call these devices "pageant teeth."

These appliances do have some very specific clinical uses, but for most people it is a purely cosmetic solution.

(For details on how snap on veneers are made and how work, we cover the basics on this page.)

Are Press On Veneers right for me?

This product may be right for you if:

  • You want want the look of a perfect smile but are unable or unwilling to commit to a permanent solution.
  • Can't afford the professionally-fitted alternatives.

Press On Veneers may NOT be for you if :

  • You have major misalignments, especially protruding front teeth.
  • You have a dental health problem for which you have not yet consulted a dentist.
  • Your natural teeth cannot support or provide a proper foundation to attach the appliance
  • You are unable to take a precise impression.

How Much Do These Snap On Veneers Cost?

Regular pricing for Press On Veneers is stated to be $1595 per arch (top or bottom), but we have yet to see them actually being sold for that price. As of the last time we checked, the actual price is $795 per arch when you buy both, or $995 for a single arch (top or bottom). Brighter Image covers all shipping costs. . There are no professional costs because you take the impression yourself.

Can I Order It Online?

Yes. You order online and receive a kit of materials with instructions for taking the impression . They promise a 12 day turnaround after you mail it back.

Does it come with a warranty?

Press On Veneers are sold with a limited 12 month warranty. The warranty covers "defects in materials or workmanship in the Press-On Veneers appliance" for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. There are no cash refunds.

Some things the standard warranty does NOT cover:

  • Change of shade from the original prescription request (i.e. if you don't like the color)
  • Damage or defects resulting from: failure to follow Brighter Image Lab's instructions, improper insertion, abuse, or improper dental hygiene
  • Claims made if you (the client) have modified the appliance

For an additional $99, you can purchase a "no fault" 3 year warranty within 30 days of purchase. Under this option, Brighter Image will repair or replace the appliance with no questions asked.

If you require warranty service, you must contact Brighter Image Lab at 1-877-719-4483 for a Return Authorization Number.


Advantages of Press On Veneers

  • Cost - It's hard to argue with the price - far less than the cost of permanent veneers and around half the price of professionally-fitted appliances like the Snap On Smile as well.
  • Convenience - No need to go to the dentist.. You order online and take the impression at home.
  • Lightweight, removable, you can eat and drink while wearing them.


  • Taking a precise dental impression is not for amateurs. You are not likely to get as precise an impression as a dentist with years of experience. A poor impression will produce unsatisfactory results.
  • Even with a good impression, dental labs don't always "get it right." Recently, my own dentist sent a crown back to the lab because he didn't like the way it was finished around the edges. A little bit of missing or extra material up near your gums can affect comfort and fit.. As a non-professional, you are less likely to notice a problem until it causes discomfort..
  • They are thinner and lighter than the Snap On Smile, making them more prone to breakage.
  • Serious dental issues may go untreated - Is there an underlying cause to your smile problems? Gum disease, badly damaged teeth - these are potentially dangerous health issues which should be assessed and treated by a professional.
  • Like other snap on teeth, it's a temporary solution which needs to be removed while you sleep and is rather fussy to care for properly.


Like rocket science and brain surgery, we tend to feel that cosmetic dentistry is something better off left to professionals. There are so many things that can go wrong in taking and making an impression. Yes, custom tooth whitening trays are also manufactured in a lab from an impression you take at home. But here's the thing: bleaching trays don't require the same precise fit as a device you will be wearing against your gum line for hours at a time.

We are also concerned that some people may be tempted to use this device to mask and ignore serious dental problems. If your teeth are broken or falling or have fallen out, please, PLEASE get yourself to a dentist! Did you know that periodontal disease can lead to heart disease? Don't take chances with your health!

We noticed some negative online consumer feedback or this lab - like this one, and this. We don't know both sides of the story, but perhaps something to take into consideration.

If your overall dental health is good, you just have some minor imperfections you'd like to cover up, the Snap On Smile is not in your budget, , AND you're fairly certain you can get a precise impression, Press On Veneers may be worth a try. If possible, we suggest having someone else help you take the impression, for better fit and better results.

Disclosure: We are independent researchers. We not affiliated with and receive no compensation from the makers of the Snap On Smile, Press On Veneers, or similar products.

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