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Tooth Whitening Trays

Kits for making Thermoplastic ("boil and bite") and custom fitted mouth trays for better results and more comfort during whitening treatments. For more information about the different types of whitening mouthpiecess, see our article on tooth bleaching trays

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Mouth Trays - Thermoplastic Thermoplastic Tooth Whitening Tray Kit (3 trays) 

Kit ncludes 3 "boil and bite" trays and easy instructions.

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custom tooth whitening moutpiecesCustom (fitted) Tooth Whitening Tray Kit 


Custom fitted trays give the best results! Prepare impressions of your teeth at home and get custom mouthpieces made by a dental lab. Kit Includes ample materials, detailed instructions for taking impressions of your teeth, and a prepaid mailer (US only).

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