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Snap on Teeth (Snap-on Smile ® or Snap on Veneers)

See also, our updated in-depth look at the Snap On Smile® and our review of the"Do It Yourself" Press On Veneers from Brighter Image Labs.

What are Snap on Teeth?

Snap on Teeth (also marketed as the Snap On Smile ™) are an exciting new dental device which gives you a picture perfect smile at a fraction of the cost of veneers ! The teeth simply snap onto your own teeth, instantly giving you a beautiful smile. They are just as easy to remove. They can even be molded into the smile of a famous celebrity, such as Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington or Halle Berry. Perfect for special occasions, such as weddings or interviews, snap on teeth can also be a way to "test drive" a new smile before committing to more expensive and permanent cosmetic dental procedures.

How are they made?

Being fitted for snap on teeth is a painless 2 step process.

First, the dentist takes photos and impressions of your teeth and measures your teeth and gum line. The photos are for "before and after" pictures, the impressions are for plaster molds of your teeth.

Next, in order for the dentist and patient to preview how the snap in smile will look, resin is applied to the teeth and hardened with a special light. This resin is sculpted into a custom smile, more impressions are taken and everything is finally sent off to the dental lab. Your new snap on teeth will be ready in just a couple of weeks!

How do you wear the Snap on Smile?

Snap on teeth simply hook onto your own teeth - sort of like a retainer. No adhesives are needed.

Advantages of Snap on Teeth:

The Snap on Smile™ (and similar devices) gives you the appearance of a perfect smile at a fraction of the cost of veneers and without altering your natural teeth. The teeth fit right up to your gum line, and hide imperfections including broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth, discolored caps or veneers, gaps and misaligned teeth. The process is painless, making it ideal for the dental phobic.

Disadvantages of Snap-on Teeth:

This is a temporary device - a cosmetic appliance, not a permanent solution to your dental problems. Snap on teeth must be removed to be cleaned, and though you can eat with them in place, it is recommended you limit eating to soft foods such as yogurt or mashed potatoes (hard or crunchy foods can damage the device). It may also take a little practice to speak normally when first wearing the Snap on Smile™ or other snap on veneers .

Reportedly, the developer of the Snap on Smile™ is working on more permanent version, which would be a fully functional, restorative dental device.

Where can I find a Cosmetic Dentist offering Snap in Teeth?

After receiving numerous email inquiries, we have compiled a list of cosmetic dentists who offer the Snap on Smile ™ or other snap on veneers .