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Oral B® Rembrandt ®

Oral-B has been a leader in home dental care products for decades, producing the first dentist-designed OralB toothbrush in the mid 20th century. Rembrandt pioneered teeth whitening with it's popular line of whitening toothpastes.

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Oral B Rembrandt Whitening Strips (14)




Contains 14 strips (7 for upper teeth, 7 for lower). Use twice a day for 7 days.

Note: Have a BIG beautiful smile? These strips are a little wider than Crest Whitestrips!

Ingredients: PVP, PEG 8, Water, Acrylates Copolymer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Disodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Stannate, Disodium EDTA

14 strips $24.99      Buy / More Info