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All About the Snap On Smile ®

Is it the coolest invention in cosmetic dentistry since home tooth whitening or just another marketing gimmick? We go beyond the hype to give you the full scoop on the
Snap On Smile

NEW - The latest buzz in the consumer dental industry is Press On Veneers - snap on veneers you buy direct from the lab, no dentist required.. Good deal or too good to be true? Open up and say "ahh" as we take a closer look at Press On Veneers .

Tired of whitening strips that won't stay put?

Whitening strips are a great invention, but let's face it - they have their drawbacks. Not staying in place, slipping completely off your teeth and the bad tasting peroxide residue they leave behind. Enter Crest's new Whitestrips Advanced Seal - a new white strip with a clever adhesive system so effective you can even drink water while wearing them!

Try Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal today, and say goodbye to the hassle and mess of your old whitening strips!

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Straighten your teeth!

Self conscious about a crooked smile? Think fixing it will mean years with a mouth full of metal braces? Guess again - we take a look at modern orthodontics and braces for adults!